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A History of Helping

When Tom Grape founded Benchmark Senior Living in Wellesley, Massachusetts in 1997, he saw an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. Tom created a company of people taking care of people. Benchmark Senior Living takes care of its associates, residents, families, and the communities in which they live.

Everybody knows somebody who needs help. One Company Fund was founded in 2007 to support Benchmark associates dealing with tragedy, natural disasters, family illness, death, and other unexpected challenges. Associates contribute through fundraising, and outside donors are also invited to support their neighbors in need.

One Company Fund, a history of helping
One Company Fund supports Benchmark associates

When we celebrated our 10th anniversary as a company, we chose to acknowledge that milestone by thanking our front line associates who make our strong service reputation possible. This is one way of saying thank you.

Tom Grape, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Benchmark Senior Living

Support OCF While You Shop

Addicted to Amazon? Purchase with Purpose!

When you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation donates 0.5%  of your purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. Just type in "Benchmark One Company Fund Inc." and give back to your fellow associates each time you check out!

At AmazonSmile you will find the exact same prices and selection as you would at Check it out and help an associate in need. 

Benchmark’s dedicated associates make it their duty to support our seniors every day. That’s why we at Benchmark know it’s our duty to help return that support through the The Benchmark One Company Fund

In an effort to support associates in a way that matches their commitment to the company, Benchmark executives started a non-profit organization that gives emergency financial assistance to Benchmark associates during times of need. Events like house fires, car accidents, sudden illness, or natural disasters can be financially devastating. The Fund has provided more than $2.8 million to 1,600 associates since 2007, and we’re committed to keeping that number growing with each passing year. After the 2021 earthquake in Haiti, One Company Fund issued more than 100 one-time, $500 grants to associates whose families were impacted by the devastation.

“We are very fortunate to have partners, residents, families and associates who share our commitment to One Company Fund,” says Tom Grape, Benchmark’s Chairman and CEO. “As a human connection company, we are called to care for them when they are unable to deal with life’s challenges, and that’s the reason why the Fund was founded.”

Here’s how it works: Benchmark employees and their families may apply for anonymous grants up to $5,000 per application, and $10,000 per lifetime. Approved grants are not loans – they are tax-free and do not require repayment.

The Fund is supported by contributions from Benchmark management, investors and associates, as well as our residents, their families and our generous business partners. A major source of fundraising comes from a game of golf (you read that right), where everyone is  invited to participate in three regional outings to raise funds for the year ahead. 

The One Company Fund also partners with Amazon Smiles to raise funds. When you visit and select the “Benchmark One Company Fund,” .5% of your Amazon purchase goes to The Fund. And that adds up. Benchmark receives hundreds of dollars through Amazon every quarter. Every little bit goes a long way. In 2022, we’ve already provided more than $240,000 to 251 associates. 

One Company Fund Golf

A Helping Hand During a Difficult Time

When longtime associate Lori Bozzi needed help, she knew where to turn.

Diagnosed with lung cancer, the 10-year River Ridge at Avon associate came to One Company Fund to help cover her household bills. With two children and a legally blind husband, Lori needed a hand while she underwent treatment. The Fund provided a grant to take care of her mortgage and utility bills so she could focus on getting healthy.

“I am humbled and very happy to work for a company that cares about their employees,” she wrote in a letter. “In a business world where everyone feels like a number, at Benchmark you always feel like Number One.”

Only a few short months later, Lori passed away. She was 56.

One Company Fund was there again, ready to help the Bozzi family. The Fund provided another grant to help cover Lori’s funeral expenses. To show his gratitude, her husband of 31-years, Tom Bozzi, spoke at the 2015 Benchmark Golf & Spa Invitational to benefit One Company Fund.

“My father always said ‘if I’m digging a hole, don’t ask me if I want a glass of water. Bring me a glass of water. If you ask, it means you don’t really want to give me a glass of water. Bring me a glass of water’,” he said. “I never had to ask. The One Company Fund came with buckets and buckets of water.”


A Helping Hand During a Difficult Time
Residents and Associates Team Up for One Company Fund 
Chelmsford Crossings held its most successful One Company Fund fundraising event ever —  raising more than $700 for OCF through cash donations and one-time payroll deductions last Summer.
In the OCF walkathon, 15 residents and associates solicited pledges for each lap walked around the building, with six laps totaling a mile.
Resident Care Associate Manju Jeena raised the most, taking in $160.
Program Director Jim Kingsbury offered a dollar for every lap walked by a resident, for a $70 donation.
Four spunky residents participated, including Kay, who covered an impressive five miles.


Inspired by a "jogathon" she ran in middle school, Amanda Paton, a cook and cultural ambassador, organized the event. 

"Community fundraisers increase the awareness of One Company Fund with associates, residents and families," she said. "We hope it leads to more giving."

One Company Fund Aids Associates Affected by Gas Explosions 

One Company Fund assisted more than 30 Benchmark Senior Living associated with groceries and gas after they were displaced by the explosions in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover in September 2018.

Several associates were forced to leave their homes after gas was shut off for several days – and in some case weeks – and lost everything in their refrigerators.

“We wanted to be there for folks as quickly as possible,” explained Ashley Studley, Director of One Company Fund Engagement. “The easiest way to do that was to provide gift cards for food and gas.”

The One Company Fund distributed nearly $3,000 in emergency gift cards to more than 30 associates and offered additional help to those displaced for greater lengths of time.

Last Fall, Ashland Farm at North Andover hosted a special thank-you luncheon for first responders and volunteers that included a check presentation to the Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund.

Nearly 50 attendees turned out for the event, including Benchmark associates, public safety personnel and representatives from Columbia Gas.

“We wanted to take the time to show our appreciation to everyone who responded,” says Executive Director Fran Walker. “This is really a testimonial about what can happen when a community comes together to help each other.”

Crystal Bates, director of communication and development at Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF), accepted a $2,500 check from Benchmark for the organization, which administers the fund to help those in need.

“When tragedy strikes our friends and neighbors, it’s incredible to see how the business community rallies around them,” Crystal says. “ECCF is so grateful for Benchmark’s support, which will have a big impact now and in the coming weeks and months as the individuals and families affected by the first work to rebuild their lives.”

One Company Fund Aids Associates Affected by Disaster